Why invest in a professional graphic designer for your wedding day?

Let’s be honest, planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and stressful things you’ll do this decade.

You’ll spend months Googling professionals to help you get through the day smoothly. You’ll devise a spreadsheet that’s so detailed, not even TomTom could get lost.

A set of columns devoted to the perfect photographer, caterer, DJ/band, florist, bartender, linen service and graphic designer.

Wait. Do I really need a graphic designer?

Yes. And here’s why.

You spend months planning the perfect day. Ensuring that the flowers match the dresses, the linens match the flowers and the dresses match the linens. And you’ll do your very best because, at least as far as I know, you can’t currently order all of those things from the same vendor. But you can order all of your paper and digital goods from the same graphic designer.

A professional graphic designer will work with you to develop a unique and cohesive look and feel that can be translated across every printed or digital piece you could imagine for your wedding day. Invitations, programs, napkins, place cards… and even SnapChat filters.

Working with a designer is more than just choosing a template from (a popular stationery website) and typing in your personal information. Working with a designer is a journey with a destination. And that destination is where ever you choose to take it.

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